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#8. Alone in the Dark - This is how funny parents can be about violence and nudity. There are quite a few gruesome kills in this film, somebody gets cut in half by a cleaver while hanging upside down at the very opening of the film. An image which haunted me for years, but my friends parents, who's house I was spending the night at, had no problem with us kids watching that part. But when a girl take her shirt off later in the movie, they made us cover our eyes, I of course peaked through my fingers. The boobs didn't scare me in the least, it was everybody getting killed in horrible ways, it was a family's house being attacked by a group of psychos. That scared me... but of course I loved it.

This movie actually still holds up pretty well. It's a mostly forgotten 80's slasher flick that's full of tension and pretty well made. I'd love to remake it someday.

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