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I don't have a lot to say about this film, and if I ever want to catch up on my reviews, I'm going to have to shorten a few here and there. I enjoyed this documentary about the MPAA, it's well made and entertaining. I think some of their rating practices are pretty ridiculous, and there need to be some serious changes made. Especially the way that violence gets a pass, while sex is considered the most evil thing ever; and the fact that they treat studio movies with kid gloves, while being particularly harsh on independent films. There needs to be steady and even rules for every film.

But honestly even as a filmmaker, it didn't get my ire up. There are too many other, much bigger problems in the world to truly care about than this. I commend Kirby Dick (who directed the cult-documentary Sick) for tackling the idea and making an entertaining film out of the subject. I particularly liked the bit, where he split screen clips of gay and straight sex scenes, commenting on how they were shot pretty much the same, but how the gay scenes were all rated NC-17, while the straight sex got R's. If you have any interest in knowing how films are rated, this is a documentary worth watching; plus there are a lot of great film clips included. - Grade: B-

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