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I saw this in the theater with my little brother during Christmas when I was 12 and loved it, thought it was absolutely hilarious, with just about the right amount of action. To this day it remains a bit of a guilty pleasure. When I saw a three pack of Arnold DVDs in Costco with Kindergarten Cop and Junior, I couldn't resist. I'm a huge Arnold Schwarzennegger fan, they were three of just a few of his films I don't own. (By the way check out my collection of Arnold's one-liners.)

I was having a brainless afternoon with the wife, it had been at least 7 or 8 years since I'd seen it, so I had to pop it in. I still remember almost every line in the film. Despite being undeniably 80's, it actually holds up fairly well. Arnold and Danny Devito have a good chemistry together, they make the film worth watching. Otherwise, it's fairly standard 80's comedy-action stuff, not up to snuff with director Ivan Reitman's 80's classic

They play a set of genetically engineered twins, Arnold being the intended outcome, he got to live the highest quality life; while his rejected twin was dropped off in an orphanage, left to fend for himself, finally turning to a life of crime. Arnold plays a fish-out-of-water, never having spent any time in normal society, which leads to much of the comedy in the first half. I love the scene when he's singing "Yakity Yak" at the top of his lungs on the plane, "I've never heard rock n' roll before."

This was the film that proved that Arnold has some comedy chops. He went on to do two more comedies with Reitman, the aforementioned
Kindergarten Cop and Junior, but this is the peak of their work together.

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