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This is an awful waste of a film. I wouldn't have bothered to have even finished it if I'd rented it, I would have sent it back for another film, since it was on our DVR, I decided to stick it out. But it took me 4 excruciating sittings, when it's only about 90 minutes long. Once upon a time the National Lampoon's label meant something good, Animal House and Vacation being the best of the bunch. Now all they produce is straight-to-video schlock, hoping to lure us in with sexy girls in skimpy clothing on the covers.

I keep watching them for some reason, hoping for some glimmer of that former glory, but mainly because I'm desperate for comedies. I'm always in the mood for some laughs to take my mind of the day. Adam & Eve didn't do the trick, it was too wretchedly stupid to provide more than a few measly chuckles. Mainly I was groaning and rolling my eyes at the film's poor attempts at humor.

Another major problem with the film, is that it couldn't decide what kind of comedy it wanted to be. When the characters Adam and Eve are together, it's horribly sappy; there's even one of those cheesy scenes where Adam serenades Eve with his guitar. But when Adam's hanging out with his buddies, the film turns into a gross-out comedy of the lowest form. With endless lame jokes about farts, pubic hair and masturbation. And the film literally does this from scene to scene, like one minute they're trying to please the ladies and the next the guys, but it's so all over the place that it'll please no one.

I had the same problem with The Wedding Crashers, where it started out as a decent guy comedy and devolved into a chick-flick by the end. But even that highly uneven film seems like a classic, compared to the likes of Adam & Eve. I won't bother to recap the plot, since it's the basic, guy meets girl, guy gets girl, guy does something stupid to lose girl, guy redeems himself and gets the girl back story.

The script is the main problem with the film; but the directing is also horrid, not a single original idea in the film; the acting is a major low spot as well, except for one or two of Adam's buddies manage not to look too bad; basically the whole film's a mess. If you're hoping to see some bare breasts, the film's a waste there as well, nothing more than a girl in her panties. The gorgeous Emmanuelle Chriqui, aka Eric's girlfriend in Entourage, is completely wasted. Look elsewhere, there are a thousand better comedies to be found.

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