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The Osterman Weekend was legendary director Sam Peckinpah's last film; and sadly it shows. It's messy and underwhelming, and most unfortunate of all, boring; with none of the action-fireworks or visceral-punch of his classic films: The Wild Bunch, Straw Dogs or The Getaway.

The film is about a CIA agent played by John Hurt, convincing
Rutger Hauer's character, a journalist, that his group of long-time friends are in fact traitors, selling secrets to the Russians. And that he can best capture them by getting them all together at Rutger's house for a weekend.

But everything isn't as it seems; with characters playing each other with all kinds of double crosses, everyone has their own agenda. I honestly lost track of what all was going on; only because I was so bored that my mind didn't want to do the work of connecting everything. I tried to enjoy it for the few action scenes, but none of them were very exciting, so I truly lost all interest before the twists started revealing themselves.

That's about all I have to say about this film, it doesn't deserve a full review; I'll let the two film clips below speak for me. - Grade: C-


A very underwhelming car chase, as Rutger goes after his family's station wagon, the kind with the fake wood paneling on the side, in a beat up old F-150. I guess Peckinpah was going for an everyday kind of car feel, but it's honestly just boring. There is one good crash, as some pipes impale another driver's car.


It's Rutger Hauer vs. Craig T. Nelson (and his ultra-sweet mustache) in a slow-motion fight, featuring all kinds of breaking glass, a theme that runs deep in The Osterman Weekend.

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