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You know, I don't get the whole film festival circuit politics. How this awful film showed at Sundance and Toronto, two of the biggest film festivals in the world, I just don't understand. Is it because of the taboo subject matter? Or because Bobcat Goldthwait directed it, and he's sort of well known, and an interesting character? I guess I'll never know.

The first few minutes of this film are almost perfect. A wonderful little French song plays over a nicely-filmed, well edited, sickly-comical little scene where the main character gives a blow-job to her dog. It quickly raised my expectations for this little indie film, but they were just as quickly dashed as soon as the girl's annoying voice-over came in. It was plain bad; horribly written and performed. The acting in the scenes following were tragically unprofessional. All momentum it had built in the first couple minutes was crushed.

After a while I got a little numb to the bad acting and I started to get back into the film a bit, but it never really did much for me. It was trying so hard to be a dark comedy, but so much of it wasn't funny. I never liked any of the characters. The photography and filmmaking was passable at best. This movie may do it for some, but it lost me quickly and I never cared again.

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