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Before Porky's was a huge success and the 1980's were full of teenage sex comedies, there was 1977's The Chicken Chronicles. Steve Guttenberg stars in his first major role; right from the start you can see some of the charisma that made him a major star for much of the 80's.

The film pretty much set the standard for the teen-sex comedy plot. It's about a virgin trying to lose it with one of the hottest girls in school. It's fairly tame compared to the films that followed; with minimal swearing and no nudity, but they aren't shy about the use of marijuana. You could probably call it one of the first pot comedies as well; it proceeded Up In Smoke by a year.

The film is fairly funny, nothing gut busting; but of course I've seen most of these jokes a thousand times, it probably felt fresh at the time. Guttenberg does a good job carrying the film, he's in almost every scene. His buddy played by Branscombe Richmond, is good as his partner-in-crime. But Gino Baffo, who was only in three films in his career, steals the show as his wise-ass little brother. The film climaxes at the big end of the school year party, and Guttenberg of course ends up with the "plain looking" girl that he's been friends with throughout the film.

Update: You can now watch the entire film on YouTube

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  1. I had never heard of this movie until a few days ago when I was channel flipping and caught it on Flix. I watched it that morning, more out of boredom than for any real interest in seeing it, and it turned out to be pretty good. I love the pre-90s teen sex movies.

    As you said, it was not gutbusting, but humorous and my kinda movie where there's all kinds of adventures and hijinx throughout.

    I'm not a Guttenberg fan, but he did really well here.

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