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Since anybody who would bother to read this site has a 99.9% chance of already seeing Dumbo, I won't bother with a review. I'll simply post a few clips.

The first is the original 1941 trailer. Amazing, simply for how different they used to advertise films.

My favorite scene in the film, "Pink Elephants on Parade". Again amazing, for how times have changed. You could never get away with a scene of a drunk character, that turns out to be this trippy in a G rated film these days. Gorgeously hand animated, they simply don't make them like this anymore.

My 2nd favorite scene, which might be considered racist by some, and I can understand their point of view, but I choose not to see it that way, and simply enjoy it as a wonderful musical number. I love most of the music in these classic Disney films, they're entertaining and move the plot along. The later Disney films, once the characters start singing, it brings the whole movie to a stop. Enjoy, "When I See an Elephant Fly."

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