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Jamie Kennedy is pretty hit or miss; sometimes he can be absolutely hilarious, other times he's a complete flop. So it's no surprise that this flick is all over the place. I probably wouldn't have even bothered, if my friend who loves cheesy comedies hadn't come over to watch it with me. Making fun of it, made it worth watching.

The opening 10 - 15 minutes are definitely the best part of the film. The kids who play the little breakdancers, perform well and are all pretty funny. When Kennedy wakes up from his coma, his still living in the 80's schtick, placed in current times is fairly comical for a while.

But really, it's a one joke film, and it gets tired after a while. Maria Menounos, who I believe is a reporter on Access Hollywood, couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. Every scene she's in, is drug down. Michael Rosenbaum, best known for Smallville, really hams it up, and is entertaining as the cheesy, bad guy.

If you're really desperate for a comedy or a big fan of the 80's and/or breakdancing it might be worth checking out. But if you're looking for any amount of quality, don't bother. You're better off watching Breakin' again, for some better dancing and the unintentional comedy.

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