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I recorded this on our new DirecTV DVR. We have all the movie channels for a couple of months, I plan on taking advantage of it to watch movies that I wouldn't even bother to rent. The plot sounded ridiculous enough; a group of teenagers get attacked by some mutant cannibals.

The film starts with a couple of "teenagers" having sex in a tent in the middle of nowhere, they're soon filleted and eaten. I say "teenagers" because they were actually played by a couple of 30-year-olds who I believe were a porn star and who, while looking at IMDb, I just realized was a very scary looking Richard Grieco, obviously the victim of some bad plastic surgery. The film's acting and editing are absolutely atrocious, but the gore made me stay around to see how it turned out. The effects for this film are actually pretty good, the cannibals looked cool, but the make-up team certainly deserved better.

The plot is pretty much Friday the 13th meets The Hills Have Eyes, with the Randy character from Scream mixed in. Jenna Jameson, who's in the film for two minutes, and a couple other nameless porn stars try their hand at acting, unfortunately their real talents, getting naked, never make much of an appearance. So a little good gore, two pairs of very fake boobs, some really bad acting and terribly stale storyline. No way I can recommend it, even to the most die-hard horror fans.

It's so bad that the director apologizes for it on IMDb.

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