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I was really looking forward to this film. It was one of the few movies this summer that I wanted to see in theaters and missed. The film starts off promising. It's the rare horror film, that actually take some time and care to set up the main character; who is easy to love thanks to the always great John Cusack. He's an author of a series of books that cover haunted places as tourist spots.

It kept me going for the first half, with a few good scares once he's actually in room 1408. Nothing that gave me the deep chills that I crave when watching horror films, but I thought it was a nice set-up to what I was hoping would be a new horror classic. But as the film went on, I started to get bored. Overall the room just wasn't that scary, in the end it seemed like an amusement park ride, with the walls changing and water pouring out. I wanted monsters and ghosts and unknown things attacking him. And I didn't need the sub-plot about the dead daughter taking over the film, making it more of a badly done drama than a horror film.

I wanted a different film, a smart horror film, with a good budget. Something that they just don't make anymore.

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