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I'll admit that Adam Sandler's brand of juvenile humor makes me laugh. I don't watch his films expecting realistic characters, an intriguing story or good film-making, I watch them because Sandler does a lot of stupid things that my inner twelve-year-old finds funny. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, both over ten-years-old, continue to be guilty pleasures; and sadly both remain the funniest films of his career. While The Wedding Singer, is his most all-around satisfying film. (I'm talking about films that he and his company developed, not films that he's appeared in as an actor, because Punch-Drunk Love would be my all time favorite.) His last two films, Click and The Longest Yard were both uniformly terrible, with minimal laughs. It was with reluctance that I went into I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

I was pretty desperate for a comedy, and with it being out for months on DVD, I figured it was time I got around to it. Another reason I wanted to see it was for Jessica Biel's scene in her panties, which they flaunt in the trailer (and I use in the site's banner, not above selling sex myself), she's a total hottie and it's a scene worth seeing. Even if it's completely unrealistic and unbelievable. The whole movie's like this, Chuck & Larry are the least convincing gay couple ever, I don't think anyone would buy it, especially not New Yorkers, let alone an attorney who specializes in discrimination cases.

I said I don't expect realistic characters in an Sandler flick, but these guys are so out of touch that it remained a distraction throughout. The whole film is pretty offensive to homosexuals, their constant disgust and joking at the thought of touching or kissing each other didn't make me laugh. The worst comes when Rob Schneider puts on the Asian look and accent, he might as well have put on black-face, it was so offensive. At the core of the film, they're trying to teach tolerance, which makes it a mixed message, but I appreciated their intent.

Overall, I liked I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry more than Sandler's last few flicks. I chuckled lightly at times, but no huge laughs; I tried to overlook the offensive bits, and enjoyed seeing Biel in her panties. The film never raises above average, dips below for much of the time. But thanks to the performances of Sandler, Kevin James and an excellent supporting cast, including the always funny Steve Buscemi and a fairly brave performance by Ving Rhames, it managed to keep me slightly entertained throughout. - Grade: C-

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