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Paul Verhoeven has made some of my favorite movies over the years; Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers - But I was extremely disappointed in his last film, Hollow Man, a complete waste of time. So I was glad to hear that he was returning to his Netherland roots and trying to make a film with a bit of substance.

Black Book concerns a young Jew woman who's hiding out during the German occupation of the Netherlands. When her hideout is bombed, she is forced into action. She eventually ends up working with the resistance; infultrating the Nazi's by becoming a secretary and lover of the head SS. It's an incredibly intriguing film, full of real world suspense and many, many twists and turns.

Carice van Houten turns in a star making performance; she's tough, fast-on-her-feet, and undeniably gorgeous. Verhoeven continues his themes of violence and sex, which always makes a film more interesting, in my opinion. I've had my fill of WWII films, but it was great to see the war from another perspective, not from the soldiers or the Jews in a concentration camp, but every-day people who are just trying to get by in the worst of times.

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