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This is a fun French dramedy about a sports journalist husband, who is married to a famous actress. This isn't a problem at first, except for the autographs she has to sign, in general he greatly enjoys their life together. It's all called into question, when he meets a lout who badgers him about her kissing and making love on screen, and why it should bother him.

Soon after, she's cast in an English film, with an heart-throb actor who is known for his on-set romances, played by the always great Terrence Stamp. With her away in London, his mind starts to torture him. Things get far worse, when he surprises her on set and the entire cast and crew is naked. (You'll have to see the film to know why.) Trying to understand her profession, he takes an acting class and meets a young actress, played by the drop-dead-gorgeous Ludvine Sagnier, who tempts him in new ways. From there things get fairly standard romantic-comedy-ish, with predictable results.

My Wife is an Actress is a well-made, highly entertaining film; that should entertain anyone who's interested in filmmaking or celebrity culture in general. It's fun to see real life husband and wife, Yvan Attal, who also wrote and directed the film, and Charlotte Gainsbourg play this eccentric couple going through a rough patch. They have a wonderful chemistry together that comes across on screen.

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