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I didn't love or hate Meet the Robinsons, it's a fairly bland and harmless film. The animation isn't particularly beautiful or well done, but it's not bad either. The story is pretty fun, some of the characters are great, I really liked the "bowler hat guy" as the bad guy, he's hilariously inept in his efforts to foil the hero's plans; I especially dug when he brings the dinosaur to the future to help him, funny stuff.

Young Lewis is an orphan, who is a genius at science, is constantly inventing amazing gadgets. He's desperate to find out who his family is, and invents a machine that will dig deep into his subconscious and find out who is mother is. Before he's able to use it, a kid from the future, comes to find him, because he needs his science expertise. Once in the future, Lewis meets the boy's family and falls in love. It's fairly obvious what's going to happen, and who they really are. I was able to figure it out from the trailer; but for a kid, it's a nice story. The one surprising thing is who the villain really is; and what happens when they succeed in their dastardly plans.

If you're sick of watching the same kid movies over and over, the way I am, this is a decent film for a young one. But it's probably not going to become a family favorite. - Grade: C

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