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Normally our family doesn't go anywhere near any of the animated Disney sequels. I've never watched one in it's entirety, but from the trailers and small peaks I've seen, they look completely awful. Total bastardizations of the classics that preceded them. So when we saw the trailer for the sequel to Lilo & Stitch on one of our 50 Disney DVDs, it actually looked like it was well animated, that they'd maybe put a smidgen of care into it. Always on the lookout for new animated films for our son, especially of the hand-drawn variety, I thought I'd give it a chance.

While not nearly as good as the original film, Stitch has a Glitch is a decent follow-up. The film takes up right where the last one left off. Stitch is living with his new family, Lilo and her big sister Nani, also moving in are the odd couple aliens Jumba and Pleakley. Everything has turned out okay and the family has moved on to a somewhat normal life. The big event in Lilo's life is a hula contest she wants to enter with Stitch's help. They get some inspiration from their idol, Elvis.

The problem comes when Stitch starts to go a little wacko. Back when Dr. Jumba was making him, Stitch didn't get fully charged up, he is now losing power, reverting to his core programming, with outbursts of destruction, which of course hit at the least opportune moments. Stitch, not wanting to hurt his new family, decides to leave the planet for the safety of everyone. The family tries to stop him, and the film comes to a surprisingly touching ending.

While the main story of Stitch going bad again is satisfying, the rest of the film feels like filler, nothing of note really happens. But the film runs a short 70 minutes, so there's not a ton to complain about. Thankfully all the original voices return, with the exception of Lilo, who is now played by I'm-everywhere-girl Dakota Fanning. I'm not sure why they decided to change, her famous voice is kind of distracting, but the little ones won't notice. If you liked the original film, Stitch has a Glitch is a worthy sequel. The truth came, when my son asked to watch it again the following morning, which means he liked it.

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