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My wife and I saw the trailer for the French film The Valet and thought it looked pretty funny. The set-up is so Hollywoodish that I'm sure they've already got a remake in the works.

An extremely rich man is having an affair with a supermodel. When his wife sees a picture of them together in the tabloids, he insists that the guy in the background is the one dating her. Background guy is a lonely valet, who was just rejected by the love of his life. For some cash he agrees to pretend to date the supermodel, going so far as to letting her move in with him. And the wackiness ensues.

The Valet
is a quick and brainless watch, even for those who might hate subtitles. The French women are beautiful, there are cool cars, and Paris provides the background, so there's always something to look at. It's pretty standard romantic-comedy fair; all kinds of lies going on about who really said what and who's really with who, people constantly running into the people they don't want to see at the wrong time, and so forth. It certainly doesn't try to break any new ground, but it provides some laughs.

Mostly it made me want to see directer Francis Verber's film The Dinner Game, which I heard good things about, and sounds a little more edgy and thoughtful than this one.

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