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Mike Binder has a unique voice as a writer/director. I haven't seen all of his films, but those I have seen, Indian Summer and The Upside of Anger I've enjoyed. There's a nice mix of comedy and drama to them, and they feel close to real life.

Reign Over Me is about Sandler's character suffering a major breakdown after his family is killed on a plane in 9/11. Don Cheadle sees him on the street and as his old roommate, makes friends with him again. Mostly the film is about their friendship and them connecting on a level that enables Sandler to heal.

I enjoyed the film for the most part, it was well written and acted. It was nice to see Sandler in real-life mode, not playing it like some kind of crazy man-boy. The only part of the film, that didn't feel right, was the court scene. It felt like a spoof of some other film's court scene, and it didn't really belong in the film. That it came at the climax of the film was regrettable, I think it could have been wrapped up much neater.

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