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I read Ender's Game over ten years ago. I loved it at the time, I felt like re-reading it. Something I don't do very often, there are so many books I want to read, and I don't have the time, so it shows how much I love a book when I take the time to read it again.

Ender's Game
is the most famous novel by sci-fi author Orson Scott Card. Many years in the future, earth is over-populated, families are regulated to two children. Ender's a third child, his parents have been given permission by the government to have another, because both their first two were both geniuses, but not the kind they were looking for.

Earth was recently attacked by a race of aliens called the Buggers. The military is training children to fight a future war, and they're looking for the perfect commander.
Ender passes their tests and is sent to live in a space-station where he is trained, along with other genius children, in battle strategies. Ender quickly becomes the greatest hope for the future of earth.

If you're a fan of sci-fi, you couldn't do much better than Ender's Game. It's a wonderfully thought out future. The only funny thing about it is Ender's siblings take over the world's government, using something called The Boards, which is basically the internet, but far behind what we enjoy these days. When I originally read it, I was just learning about the online world, and thought he had a brilliant picture of its future.

The ending is classic and is something I don't want to give away to anyone who hasn't read it before. It'd make a great twist-ending for a film, if they ever make one, which has been rumored off and on since I originally read the book. It'd be a tough movie to pull off, all the main characters are kids, but they do horribly adult things to each-other. Plus everything is seen through Ender's eyes and you'd lose that perspective. But there's a good movie in there, with the right adaptation.

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