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I thought this was a decent romantic-comedy the first time I saw it. I appreciated that they twisted the basic falling in love story, into a falling-out-of-love story. Vince does his thing, the same character he's been playing since Swingers. It plays well here, and I haven't grown tired of it yet. Yet, being the key word. Jennifer is good at the romantic-comedy stuff and they play well off each other.

I don't really have much more than that to say. It's not great, it's not bad... nothing that memorable about it on the whole. It's a good movie to catch on TV if you're sitting around with your wife.

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  1. i hated this movie. for the most part, i watch hollywood films for the sheer entertainment value. this movie did not entertain me. i never cared about the characters, which is a must for me. in fact, i didn't like these people at all. and your right, vince is riding on the same character he's played now film after film. how long can his career continue in this way? i'd like to see him in another film like 'a cool dry place,' in which he played a guy that made you care. playing yourself in films is not acting, vince. sorry dude.