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I haven't even begun a script, but I have a vague idea for a low-budget horror film, that I hope to make in the next few years. Coming up with what I thought was a fairly original idea, I told my friend who loves horror films even more than me, and he came back at me with Dead & Buried. After watching the film, they share only the vaguest of concepts, I don't think anybody would ever make the connection.

Dead & Buried is about a small, beach town called Potter's Bluff, that seems idyllic from the outside, but things are horribly wrong, with an evil conspiracy that threatens everyone who visits. There's been a rash of murders lately and it's up to the sheriff to find out what's really going on. Things get even stranger, when the murder victims show back up in town, seemingly unharmed.

The film is full of great and gory kills, the concept is really unique and keeps you going with the mystery of the truth behind the murders; with a good script by Dan O'Bannon, the writer of Alien and Return of the Living Dead. This is one of the few films that character actor James Farentino gets to carry, and he does a good job with it, his expression in the final shot of the film will stick with you for quite a while.

It's a forgotten little horror film from the 80's that is well worth checking out. A very young Robert Englund makes a brief appearance as one of the evil townspeople, a few years before he became a horror icon as Freddy Krueger.

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