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Like most boys I've been a huge James Bond fan for much of my life. I grew up in the Roger Moore era, with Live and Let Die being my favorite Bond film for a long time. I re-watch his Bond films now, and they're terrible, he's way too hammy in them. Connery of course is the man, his movies, despite being older, hold up much better than Moore's. When Pierce Brosnan took over in Goldeneye, I fell in love with the series again. But again the films quickly devolved into brainless action flicks, with little of the charm of the old ones.

I was ready for a new Bond. I saw Casino Royale when it was originally released and fell in love yet again. Daniel Craig's Bond was much more methodical, he acts the way you would expect a professional killer to act. It's not a perfect film by any means, but it just might be the best Bond film to date.

I like that the action scenes are more grounded in reality; Bond actually seems to feel pain. He loves the women, but seems to have a little more respect for them, actually treating them like people. I'm excited to see where they take the Bond series with Craig. I hope that they keep his harsh edge, and the more realistic action scenes. I'm afraid that we'll soon be back at another The World is Not Enough, which I couldn't stomach more than once.

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  1. this is my favorite bond, by far. i love that bond is human in this film, that he suffers because he allows himself to feel true, deep emotions toward others. this is a dark bond that rings true. i, too, have recently revisited some old bond films, and you're right: roger moore is a bad acting, ham-it-up, eye-rolling, out-of-shape bond. the 70s were so forgiving. give me the 21st century bond any day.

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