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Honestly I was only half watching this film. I think I was preoccupied with writing some of my other reviews. I usually put the laptop down once a movie starts to get going, but this film never grabbed me enough for me to devote it with my full attention. I listened to the mostly bad dialogue, sprinkled with a funny one-liner here and there, and looked up when somebody got killed. Looking back I have the vaguest recollection of the ending.

This is one of those films where an obviously good looking girl plays the ugly girl and all the guys look past her sexiness to make fun of her. I can never buy into these plots, unless the filmmakers really go out of their way to make the girl look unattractive. All they did here is put her in some drab clothing and minimal make-up... yeah, god, she just makes me want to barf!

Anyways, Tamara is pretty much a rehash of the far superior Carrie. The unpopular girl is continually picked on, until one night it goes to far and she ends up dead. Tamara comes back to life, thanks to some of the minimal witchcraft experience they set-up her up with at the beginning. Now she's wearing tight-skimpy clothing and killing off all of the teenagers that did her wrong.

This is where the film shows some promise. The death scenes are gory and original. When Tamara touches one of her victims she forces that person to carry out some horrible actions against themselves. One guy cuts off his ears and out his tongue, before jamming a knife into his eyes, I thought that was pretty cool. The popular girl barfs up blood until she dies. And the two main bad guys end up sodomizing each other. I give the filmmakers props for these scenes.

Otherwise it's pretty standard straight-to-video fare.

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