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Fido is a completely different spin on the zombie genre. The best and most original zombie film I've seen in quite a while. The film opens with a fun news reel that explains the whole concept of the film. Instead of WWII, there was a war against the zombies. It's the 1950's and America is enjoying the fruits of their winnings, including zombie slaves that do the bidding's of any American that can afford them. A company called Zom-Con has developed a technology that pacifies the zombies into controllable beings.

The story involves a young, lonely boy whose family has just taken in their first zombie slave. After Fido protects the kid from some bullies, the two become good friends. The mother, neglected by her husband, starts to see Fido in a new light as well. A strange new family dynamic is built. Soon the kid is forced to cover up some of Fido's messiness. Carrie-Anne Moss is great as the mom, but it's Billy Connolly, who does a wonderful job with Fido; somehow making you believe he's a mindless zombie, but also has a heart.

Of course everything isn't as happy as Zom-Con wants you to believe. Every so often the "leash" the zombies wear around their necks break down and mayhem ensues, unleashing a new wave of zombies. The zombies and their gore, hold up with any film of the genre.

The film is very nicely done, the photography, set design and costumes make you believe in this alternate 1950's. It's darkly funny, brilliantly written, with a great concept that they carry through the film. If you enjoy dark-comedies or zombie films, I highly recommend this wonderful little film.

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