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Even though I didn't like the first Fantastic Four at all. After seeing the above teaser trailer, I was actually somewhat stoked to see the sequel. It made it look like it was made better than the first. I should have known.

About 20 seconds into Rise of the Silver Surfer it was extremely evident that the quality of the filmmaking hadn't improved. It had the same cheesy-jokey tone that didn't work in the first, there are quite a few moments that are groan worthy. And if it its even possible, the acting seemed even worse this time around. I'm ready to embrace any story concept as long as the film makes me believe in it. But I can't take the Fantastic Four films serious for a single moment. I think the most amazing thing about these films is that they make the beautiful Jessica Alba unattractive, with the bleached hair and the horribly fake blue contacts, she looks plain weird.

The first appearance of the Silver Surfer is the only scene in the whole film that's worth a damn. Craptastic!

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