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After watching Steve Guttenberg in The Chicken Chronicles a few days ago, I was in the mood to see my all-time favorite Guttenberg film, Police Academy. Thanks to the wonders of satellite TV and DVR, I soon had it in my queue.

This is one of the seminal films of my youth. It's the first time I remember seeing boobs in a movie and finding them attractive. I watched the film over and over, till I found the much better 80's comedy, Revenge of the Nerds, which then became my go-to movie if I wanted to see some boobs.

It had been at least 10 years since I'd seen the original film. The sequels, most of which I'm ashamed to admit to have seeing, have become jumbled in my mind, and I could barely remember what actually happened in the original. It held up fairly well, the first hour or so is pretty funny. Guttenberg does his charismatic-wise-ass thing, the other characters are a mish-mash of funny; Tackleberry as the gun-nut, Lt. Harris tortured by the nimwits around him and of course Michael Winslow with his famous noise-making mouth; before they all became way-over-played. It was amazing to see how young Kim Cattrall was in this, I grew used to her weathered look in Sex and the City.

The film wasn't nearly as sexy as I remembered, there are a couple of quick boob shots, nothing lasting over five seconds. It's amazing how our young mind perceives things. The last thirty minutes is pretty much a waste, some lame plot about the city being over-run by a riot and the academy students saving the day. Overall not a bad 80's comedy, if it hadn't had 10 sequels it might have been more highly regarded.

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