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I really didn't have much hope for this straight-to-Showtime horror film, but after a strong intro I expected something decent. And it held up for a while, but a nonsense ending with a lame twist ruined it.

starts out pretty typically with a group of young folks headed into the desert for a huge party. There's the over-the-top party-guy, his buddy a more likable version, the up-for-anything-girl, the stuck-up girl, and they added one new twist, a blind guy, who is basically defined by being blind, seriously that's all anybody says to him and that's all he seems to talk about. There's drug dealer is after them, because the party-guy stole a batch of E off him right before they left. Michael Ironside, who deserves far better than this film, shows up for a few minutes as a traveler who's lost his wife.

They head into the desert, where of course their car breaks down. They come across an abandoned hotel and are left with no choice but to stay the night. There's one good moment at the beginning of their night, which made me think this might be a better film, when the blind guy goes into a room because he hears something, and there's this creepy undead-girl looking at him. There seems to be a bunch of undead around, but they leave the kids alone, which was sort of a nice change, because it added a sense of mystery to it all, but the reasoning at the end ruins it.

Then the Reeker comes a calling. He starts to kill the group off, they know when he's near, because he smells like death. His make-up is pretty good, but other than that he doesn't offer much, he doesn't kill anybody in any unique ways and doesn't seem to have any kind of back story.
I didn't care about him and I didn't care about those he was killing. Besides the short opening and one semi-creepy moment at the beginning, the film had nothing left to offer. Don't bother unless you're a huge horror fan.

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