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The last thing the Internet needs is another fanboy fawning over the greatness that is 300, so I'll keep this short. I originally saw it in the theater and instantly fell in love with it. I don't rewatch a lot of movies these days, so it's saying something when I revisited it on DVD; and I'm sure once my son is old enough to watch it, I'll see it many more times, as it'll be something I'll be excited to show him.

Director Zach Snyder has created something fully unique, that I expect will be copied to death in the coming years. It's an absolutely gorgeous film, with a true artists eye; each frame flips by with near perfection, the entire film looks like it's been painted by a master artist. The over-stylized violence is beautifully realized; strong camera angles, beautiful sepia-tone photography shocked with bright red splashes of blood, edited in very tight and fun fashion. It's about as close to watching a comic book as you can get. I don't need to go on, and honestly I'm having a hard time expressing my feelings about this almost perfect film. It might have lost some of it's power, through all the mocking it's received in the last year; but it'll be remembered long after those jokes die.

I'm really looking forward to Snyder's next film Watchmen, it's one of the few graphic novels I've read in my life and I believe that Snyder is the perfect filmmaker to capture this already greatly realized world. I had no idea who he was before his first film, the remake Dawn of the Dead, which I originally thought it was a bad idea; but after seeing Snyder's re-imagining of this zombie classic, it quickly became my 2nd favorite zombie film (after Return of the Living Dead), and made me realize I had another director to watch for. With 300, he more than proved that worth, and I greatly hope that he can keep it up with Watchmen and beyond. - Grade: A

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