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This was on one of the movie channels, I'm a sucker for any 80's horror film, and I had never seen it before; that's my excuse for watching this lame piece of crap. It's been quite a while since I've seen the original Wes Craven film. I did enjoy both of the remakes, slightly better than most slasher films these days.

So in this one, a group of dirt-bikers are taking a bus through the desert on their way to a race. The cast of characters includes one of the girls, Ruby, from the first film. Why she didn't start screaming bloody-murder the minute they turned off the main road and started to head into the territory where her entire family was killed, I'll never know. That's the second I stopped caring about this flick, because I knew that there wasn't going to be an ounce of intelligence to the script.

Again the kids are left stranded in the middle of the desert, with killer mutants on the loose. They do the typical stupid horror movie thing of splitting up so they're more easily killed. There's even one line of dialogue in the film, where they talk about sticking together, then literally minutes later, they've split into four or five different groups, a lot of them going off on their own. One girl is so sweaty that she just has to take a shower, no that's not asking for a violent death.

None of the kills are original. A lot of them take the cheap-skate way out and cut away as soon somebody is about to get it. The lamest thing about the film, is that there are only two mutants. The Reaper and Pluto, both left over from the first one. At least they got Michael Berryman and his cult-movie-face in it.

Wes Craven took a paycheck, and vacation from his brain while making this sequel. It's a complete waste of time; watch the original or either of the remakes, if you have to see some desert-mutants kill somebody.

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