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I ran across this film on Myspace a while back, and remembered enjoying the trailer, so when I found it on the shelf at Blockbuster I thought I'd give it a chance. I didn't expect much, indie-romantic-comedies don't work well very often, usually because the acting is so bad that you can't become involved with the characters.

The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down starts off like a shot. Introducing us to some fun characters, all played fairly well, each with their own unique look. There's a lot of narration about how the night will go for each, based on their gender and character type. A lot of animated graphic design is used to explain exactly what's going on in their heads. It was something that I didn't think they'd be able to use successfully throughout the film.

But as the film went on, I kept getting more and more into it. They kept the film moving along at a very good pace, never spending too much time with any certain character. But you get a well rounded story for, nearly every single character in the film, which there are many of. It's all very true-to-life and constantly funny; and for those of us that live outside this lifestyle, very educational.

If it wasn't for the genius level, Four Eyed Monsters, coming out earlier this year. I'd call it the best film about the modern relationship. It's definitely the kind of film that I recommend as one that most people haven't heard of, and I'll probably pick it up on DVD in the near future.

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