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They always say that the book is better than movie. Something I usually agree with. I believe this is the first time I felt the other way. The Martin Scorsese film, got pretty bad reviews at the time, it's not a classic, but I thought it was fairly good. I was looking forward to reading the book, to get more stories of this NYC ambulance driver in Hell's Kitchen. But as I got further and further in, I realized that the film had covered almost every single aspect in the book. And without the Scorsese visuals I started to get tired of these stories. They all kind of bled together, and I'm sure that was partly the point, that each day is the same hell. But the lead character, who we see everything through, never evolves. He's not much different from page 1 than he is on page 200. He keeps seeing the same things and keeps wanting to quit and never does. By the end I couldn't wait for it to be over.

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