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I didn't expect much from a mash-up of Night of the Living Dead and Snakes on a Plane. But I'm a sucker for any zombie movie and the trailer didn't make it look too painful. The film starts off kind of slow, trying to build up the characters; which I prefer in more serious horror films, deaths are more painful when you actually care about them. But none of these characters were memorable, and the acting wasn't good enough to make me care about any of them. Kevin J. Connor, who is good at playing weaselly guys, was the best of the bunch.

I wanted the living dead action to start. Once it did the movie got much better. The zombies all looked pretty good, and their carnage was decently done. The cramped setting of the plane made it more interesting as the characters had to go right through them to get anywhere. There are a couple of cool deaths, and the ending was perfect for this film.

The directing was good, the make-up was good, the effects were good, the acting wasn't too horrible and the script was fairly smart and funny in spots. I'm rating all this on the straight-to-video level, this film certainly isn't going to hold up with the greats, but for a low budget zombie movie, you could do a lot worse.

2 Responses to Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane:

  1. jervaise brook hamster said...

    i thought "flight of the living dead" was better than "the dark knight" !!!

  1. i agree, "the dark knight" was a pile of shit.

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