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They advertised this film as a horror/ghost flick. I started to watch it based on that presumption. Nearing the thirty minute mark nothing of the like had shown up. It was turning into a badly done drama about a girl with some daddy issues among other things. To me there's nothing worse than a bad drama; if I can't get into the story because of a lame script and bad acting, there's just no point. With horror I can usually look past these things, if it's entertaining on at least one other level.

It just goes to show how dedicated I am to finishing films. I really didn't care about The Return at all; I felt lied to by the marketing, Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of those actresses that does nothing for me, nobody else besides Sam Shepard was worth a damn and he was obviously mailing it in, the story didn't interest me at all; but I kept on watching just to see how it was all tied together in the end.

Don't bother with this film, it's extremely boring. If you have to, watch the first 20 minutes so you understand the set-up, then skip to the last five minutes, the rest is filler.

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