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Being a big fan of Stephen King, I'm surprised it took me this long to get to the first book of The Gunslinger series. One thing that took me this long, was that King recently published the last book in the series. Over the years I heard that Kind had no real idea of when he'd finish. Being the kind of guy I am, I just can't start something, unless I know there's an ending.

The story involves The Gunslinger chasing The Man in Black across a desert. Not knowing too much about the series, I'm not sure if this is Earth far into the future, after a holocaust has wiped out much of our population, which is my guess; or if it's another planet all together. The Gungslinger is some sort of mystical Samurai with a gun, and he's chasing The Man in Black for unknown reasons, but he also has some sort of magical powers about him.

It's a very fun and easy read. Though you're left in the dark as too much of what's really going on, which isn't a problem knowing there are six more books to fill out this world. Knowing how King writes (read On Writing), I don't think he himself had much of an idea of where this was all leading. I'm greatly looking forward to finishing the rest of the books.

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