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I was slightly intrigued by the trailer for this film. It looked fairly original, at least it wasn't a sequel, remake, or adaptation; which is fairly rare for a genre picture these days. David S. Goyer directing it also made me want to see it; even though he's responsible for the abomination that was Blade: Trinity, by far the worst of the series. But he's written some good sci-fi/action films in the last few years; Batman Begins, the first two Blade's and one of my all-time-favorite films Dark City.

Nick, played decently by Justin Chatwin, seems to have the world by the balls; he's very smart, good-looking, and well liked. But he's got a chip on his shoulder, his father's dead and his mother is ultra-controlling. He has a plan to get away from it all. He's been accepted into an art college in London and is planning on leaving the country without telling his mother. But before he gets the chance to leave, he pisses off the wrong person.

And this was my main problem with the film; the reason I could never buy into it. The person he angers enough to beat him almost to death, leaving him stuck in this state-of-limbo, which is the premise of the film; is this cute 90 lb. girl. Sure they stick her in a skull cap, dark clothing, and a pissed-off demeanor for the whole film, but I could never buy her as this ultimate-badass; she's a leader of a gang of thugs, she bullies everyone around her, she out-runs the police, and so on. It was like all these films where they stick the beautiful girl in glasses and all expect us to see her as the dork, only we're supposed to believe she's this total hard-case.

I appreciate that they were trying something different with this film. I can't remember seeing a film, where the lead character tries to figure out the mystery of his own disappearance. That's what made me want to see the film in the first place, but ultimately it wasn't that well executed and not all that interesting. At first it's sort of interesting to see Nick, walking unseen among the living, trying to figure out a way to get people to find his body. But it gets old after a while, the plot seems stuck in place for too long. That mixed with the phony-bad-ass-girl, made for an under-inspiring film.

I can see how this film might have its fans. It is different and fairly well made; an audience is out there for it. I think it's aimed at a teen audience, and who knows, I may have loved it then, maybe it would have made me feel smart for "figuring it out". But now I can't recommend it.

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