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It's amazing how much the spirit of a film, leads to the enjoyment. The previous film I watched: 2001 Maniacs , from a technical point of view, is a better made film, but I didn't like it because it lacked spirit. Blood Car being at the bottom end of filmmaking budgets, showing all its loose screws and rusted parts, should by all means not be an enjoyable experience; but it has a spirit and freshness that by far make up for the lack of technical wizadry.

The film starts kind of weird, some random guy comes out and starts talking to the camera, laying out the scene about how the film takes place in the future, when gas is so expensive that nobody can afford it. Not a too far fetched thought the way things are going. Archie, the hero of the film, is a school teacher, at the end of every school day he rides his bike to a small wheat-grass stand, run by Lorraine, who is secretly in love with Archie. Lorraine is played by the only recognizable face in the film, Anna Chlumsky, famous for My Girl; I bet there is an interesting story in her casting. Archie buys the wheat-grass for a engine that he's inventing, which is supposed to run on the ghastly green stuff, but he's hit a wall. When he accidentally drops a bit of his own blood in, the motor starts to purr.

He now has a major moral dilemma; in order to drive, he must kill. There's a hilarious scene, where he goes around killing neighborhood animals with a BB gun, acquiring the first gallon of blood to run his car. When he drives up to the wheat-grass shop, to show of his wheels to Lorraine, he's overcome by horniness thanks to Denise, the girl in the meat shop directly across the way. And that's part of the low-budget ingeniousness,these two shops are nothing but a couple of plywood shacks thrown up next to each other in an empty lot; but the signs and the staging make it funny.

Denise is so turned on by cars that she's willing to do anything to get a ride in Archie's modified Honda Accord. And he's so obsessed with Denise's kinkiness, that he's willing to do anything to get his car to run. He rigs a lawnmower blade into his car's trunk, so he can chop up bodies for their fuel. At first he's a little hesitant about it, the first victim is a car-jacker, but he soon has such a blood lust that anybody who's around may end up in his trunk. The government has been watching the whole thing, they don't care about him killing people, they only want his invention. The whole thing comes to a extremely bloody and hilarious end.

Blood Car
will not be appreciated many; it is too low budget, badly acted, limited story and chock full of blood to be widely accepted. But for those that do enjoy it, I think it'll be a very memorable experience. It is a very unique film, quite unlike anything I've ever seen. I believe that low budgets lead inventive filmmakers to come up with new ways of telling a story, and that is in full effect here. The film is a great satire of our current gas crisis, told in a very witty, funny and gory way. Writer/Director Alex Orr proves that it doesn't take much more than a brain-full of good ideas and the talent to capture them, to make a worth while film.

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