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This proves that I'll watch pretty much anything; I was looking for something brainless and comedic, but hadn't seen before, and this fit the bill. I'm not a fan of Larry the Cable Guy, I only really know him as Mater from Cars. I figured when it got too painful, I'd stop it and delete off our DVR. The funny thing was that it never got bad enough to turn off.

It's definitely not a good film, it only works at the most basic level; the picture is in focus, the camera is pointed in the right direction, and somewhat of a story is told. You can figure out the plot from the title; Larry's a health inspector, some food goes bad and he investigates in his own somewhat humorous ways. There's a romantic interest, things go bad for Larry at the end of the 2nd act, before he redeems himself and saves the day.

Mostly it's a chance for Larry to do his thing, not being familiar with his shtick, I found it fairly amusing for 80 minutes. And no I never need to see another Larry the Cable Guy movie again, because I'm guessing he does pretty much the same jokes in each film. But I found it funnier than a lot of supposed comedies I've seen in the last few years, Larry has a good attitude about life, and most of his humor is good natured, not relying too much on discrimination. Health Inspector also had some funny supporting performances by Thomas "Biff" Wilson, Tony Hale and Megan Price.

I can't really recommend this film, it's not memorable in the least. But if you're desperate for a comedy, and this comes up on cable, give it a few minutes, it may grow on you. I managed to find a few laughs, and didn't feel too stupid after watching it. - Grade: C-

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