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Grindhouse is the best experience I've had in the theater all year long. Two very fun flicks together, with some cool fake trailers. I saw it in an almost empty theater opening day. I'm disappointed that it bombed so badly in theaters, because I thought it could be a great format, for genre filmmakers to go all out.

I thought that Death Proof was the better of the two as a film, though I had more fun with Planet Terror. I wanted to see it in it's longer cut. Even though it was half an hour longer, and didn't add any action or gore as far as I could tell, it didn't feel any longer. That's a testament to Tarintino's dialogue and his getting the most out of his actors. Because the rest of this film, by any rights shouldn't be entertaining. Two groups of girls, talking about nothing in particular.

I love how he sets up each story the same, but the second time around the girls take their revenge. I fell in love with Zoe Bell in this film. She's got a ton of charisma, and her stunts are top-notch. Tarintino continues to make extremely well made genre films... I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.


Thanksgiving trailer, just because I love it so much.

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