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This is one of those films that's been around for a while, made in 1990, but I've never heard a thing about it, and never had a reason to watch it. I was at my mother-in-laws with some time on my hands to catch up on some films. This was one of the few DVDs in her decent sized collection that I hadn't seen before. It has Robin Williams and Tim Robbins in it, I figured I'd give it a chance.

Williams plays a car salesmen with a lot of women in his life. The film starts with him talking to the camera about how he lives to sell. To drive that point home, he stops to help at funeral procession, where the hearse is broke-down on the side of the road. He proceeds to try to sell the funeral director a new hearse and the widow a new car. It's a fairly funny scene and a promising beginning.

From there, we meet his ex-wife, who you can he's still in love with, a married woman he's having an affair with, and his new crazy girlfriend. He's also learned from the car dealer that he has one sale-day left to impress them enough to save his job. The next day is the big sale, he's barely juggling his relationships and job, when a very young looking Tim Robbins crashes through the front window on a motorcycle carrying a machine gun. He's pissed off because his wife who works there as a receptionist has been sleeping with one of the salesmen.

It's the sale of his life as he tries to convince this desperate man to spare every ones life. Things get crazier when the cops show up. He's stuck between them and Robbins as he tries to work everything out. Of course all his relationship problems come in to play as well.

Overall it's a decent film. The kind of movie you catch on cable half-way-through and watch till the end. And it was nice to see Williams in a comedy where he wasn't cranked up to 11.

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