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I enjoy Chris Rock's comedy, I think he's one of the funniest guys around at the moment. I was interested in seeing what he could do behind the camera as well. I Think I Love My Wife starts off really well, with a lot of energy and wit. I found myself cracking up at the many truths about married life.

When the beautiful Kerry Washington shows up to tempt him at his weakest moment, despite it being a movie cliche, I thought that film was headed in the right direction. But when Kerry's character kept getting needier, almost to the point of stalking him, the film started to lose me. I couldn't see a single guy wanting to stay with this girl, let alone a married guy, who wants to do the right thing.

The film wraps up in a nice, predictable way, until the last few minutes of the film, where they inexplicably break into song; like something out of a different movie. It's not a bad film, the moments it is hitting its stride, is really worth checking out, and the bad moments don't ruin the film on the whole. Chris Rock shows some potential as a director, with this decent romantic-comedy from a guy's perspective.

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