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My dad, a guy who enjoys mellow, thoughtful films, told me about this Korean film. It sounded interesting, but also kind of dull. Today I was really tired, wanting to take a nap, but it's nearly impossible for me to sleep in the middle of the day, so I decided to watch this film instead. It was exactly what I needed.

It is extremely mellow, almost meditative, the fairly simple story of a monk and his young ward who live in a tiny house in the middle of a lake. Spring is about the boy learning life lessons. Summer is about the teenage boy falling in love with a girl who comes to stay with them. Fall is a tragic, yet redemptive tale. Winter the boy is now an old man, becoming a wise man like his master. ...and Spring is about rebirth. Each section is a simple story, full of morals; but as a whole we learn all about the life of a complicated man.

The photography is gorgeous, the location of their house makes for an extremely interesting life, each season offering its own rewards. It's a very quiet film, with minimal dialogue, and very traditional music. It's a wonderful film for those who love contemplative films.

(The music in the trailer is way too cloying, doesn't give the movie proper respect.)

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