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Every spring, about the time baseball is going to start, I watch a baseball movie. Usually it's Major League, the perfect cliche' comedy-sports film, but it had been a few years since I'd seen Field of Dreams.

Writer/Director Phil Alden Robinson caught lightning in a bottle with
Field of Dreams. Never again did he create a film nearly as good or popular. (Although I've always had a soft spot for Sneakers.) It's one of those amazing films that is inexplicably good, the acting is solid, the story doesn't blow you away, it sneaks up on you instead, the film-making is typical Hollywood style, with nothing that particularly stand out, but the overall effect is wonderful. No matter how many times you've seen it, it leaves you with a better perspective on life. It's a beautiful film for men or women, anybody with a heart is touched by it's magic.

Kevin Costner is at his charismatic every-man best. James Earl Jones gets a chance to use that wonderful voice of his, in his best scene, he gets to talk about the beauty of baseball. I love every single shot of the baseball field in the middle of all that corn, it's Americana at it's most perfect. The story of Shoeless Joe Jackson getting another chance to play the thing he loves most is heartwarming. Each scene builds perfectly on the one before it, and when you've seen as many film's as I have, you begin to realize, just how tough that really is. At it's heart, the film is about redemption, showing those you love who you really are, and how far you'll go for them. So by the time Ray gets to "have a catch" with his estranged father, it starts to get a bit dusty in the room.

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  1. Our P.E. teachers used to show us Field of Dreams every time it rained. I don't know why we couldn't play basketball in the gym instead, but either way, my childhood was filled with Field of Dreams and Hoosiers.