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This was an extremely painful movie to watch, it reopened the wounds caused by the few weeks following the 2000 election. Made infinetly worse by the last 8 years and the destruction that George W. Bush and his cronies have caused this country. But if you want an entertaining, insider look at how it all went down, Recount, is the perfect film for that.

They do a pretty good job of keeping the film non-partisan, it leans slightly to the left, because they decide to focus more on the Democrats and their fight. But I came away with some respect for the Republican lawyers who won them this election. If anything it only further confirmed my belief that the Electoral College is the stupidest way possible to elect a President. That the whole thing came down to a few thousand votes in Florida, when Gore handily won the popular vote, is utter-bullshit.

The film is full of great actors, Kevin Spacey stars as Ron Klain, who was in charge of the Gore campaign, and was brought into a key position in this ugly fight for the Presidency. Dennis Leary, Ed Begley Jr. and John Hurt join in the Democrats battle. Laura Dern, Bob Balaban and Tom Wilkinson lead the charge for the Republicans. Jay Roach, who's known for directing two huge comedy series, Austin Powers and Meet the Parents, keeps the film moving along at a fast pace. The film is almost non-stop fast-talking, but they do a good job of making all this political talk sound good. It's edited fast a furious, constantly cutting between the two teams and real news footage of the events. If you're a Bush hater, and who isn't these days, see how this man came to run the country, learn something, and hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again. - Grade: B+

A great scene where Dennis Leary & Kevin Spacey talk about hanging chad(s) and how they may lose the Democrats the election:

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