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I don't re-watch a lot of movies these days. I don't have a ton of time for it, I'd usually rather check out something I haven't seen before. But I do have a huge DVD collection for a reason, I usually buy anything that I think will be worth visiting again. I find that I can usually enjoy a movie more the 2nd time around, I'm not focused so much on story, I can take in the filmmaking more, appreciate the details. We finally invested in a widescreen TV, so I thought it'd be worth it to see some recent favorites again.

Black Sheep - This movie absolutely cracks me up. I still think it's the best horromedy since Shaun of the Dead. A friend of mine was visiting that hadn't yet experienced the magic.

Cashback - Same friend was over, we wanted something funny. Our significant others were off watching the Sex and the City movie, so I figured we could watch a dude movie and check out some fine naked women, while also enjoying a good film.

Into The Wild - The first movie we watched after getting the new TV. My wife hadn't seen it yet and wanted to watch something with beautiful photography, this fit the bill.

The Simpsons Movie - This was actually the 3rd time I'd seen this film, an extreme rarity outside of the movies my son watches over and over again. My wife hadn't seen it, we wanted something brainless before bed.

Juno - Both my wife and I saw this in the theater, but we felt like revisiting it. The over-the-top quirkiness didn't bother me as much this time around, I guess I've grown used to it, from seeing parts of it all over the place.

2 Responses to Movies I've Re-watched Lately:

  1. All, excellent films for a re-watch! Especially Cashback - I love that flick! :-)

  1. Black Sheep

    sheep sexual innuendo.

    nuff said