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I saw this trailer and instantly knew I had to see the film. I could just tell it would be my-kind-of-movie; a little offbeat, funny, sexy and beautiful to watch. It took a while for the DVD to clear my queue, but it was well worth the wait.

Cashback is absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom. The photography is top-notch, the sets are beautiful, and the girls, and there are many, most of them nude, are just breathtaking. Guys will love this movie just for the perfect tits that fill this film; and I wouldn't have complained if that was the only thing in this film. But I genuinely enjoyed the many memorable characters, the well written screenplay and the inovative filmmaking. There are some wonderful little moments throughout the film, that only a filmmaker or film-buffs may catch. Is it a little pretentious? Yes. But I think good films by beginning filmmakers usually are. Because they're filled with what the filmmaker knows best, what they're comfortable with, so usually end up being about the director in some way.

It may be a little hard to find, but if you're interested in well made, off-the-beaten-path cinema, or even if you just want to watch some beautiful girls in varying states of undress, do yourself a favor and check out this film.

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