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It's sad how little I get to the theater these days. I used to go about two times a week, now I'm lucky if I get there once a month. I'd seen the two prior Bourne films in theaters and I'd recently watched them again on DVD, I had to see the finale of the best action series of the last decade on the big screen. It's been out a few weeks already, but better late than never, and I knew it'd be easy to find a seat.

Despite the pretty big build-up, the film didn't disappoint. The film is pretty much non-stop action, with Bourne always fleeing or chasing someone. The chasing of another assassin through the streets of Morocco being the cream of the crop, with the highlight being the camera chasing Bourne as he jumps from one building, through a window into the building next to it.

With the realistic action sequences, believable story-lines, great actors that bring gravity to each of their roles, no matter how small, and top-notch action filmmaking, the Bourne trilogy is one of the few action series that leaves an impression beyond the typical blowing-shit philosophy of most Hollywood summer films.

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