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I've been a fan of Shia's since Even Stevens, not that I really liked the show, but I could see how much charisma Shia had as an actor. I predicted big things for him for quite a while, even hoped to work with him on a script I wrote a few years back. But when Disturbia came out, with him in his true starring role, I wasn't all that keen to see it. The trailers didn't make it look very good, a brainless, teenage adaption of Rear Window. When the film became a surprise hit and the reviews were mostly favorable my interest began to grow.

Maybe my interest would have been a little higher from the beginning if I'd realized that D.J. Caruso, who made the hidden gem The Salton Sea five years back, directed it. The film starts a little manipulative, with a car crash that kills Shia's loving father. But from there it gets better. It's all pretty cliche', offering nothing really new, only in the way it mixes the genre's of teen-comedy and thriller. But Shia's charisma and D.J.'s good direction, the film makes for an entertaining ride. I laughed quite a bit and found myself involved in the storyline. Not a great film, but worth a watch.

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