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This is a film I believe every American should see. While a lot of folks don't agree with Michael Moore's politics, I think that most everybody can agree that our health care system is in serious trouble.

While 50 million Americans go without health insurance, because it has become so unaffordable, I think it was wonderful that he focuses his attention on those that do have it. We see how callous the insurance companies are, that they have little to no interest in actually taking care of their customers, are simply focused on the bottom line, no matter how many people suffer and die because of their treatment. It's disgusting how they refuse treatment to their own customers, because their illnesses are too expensive; how they employ detectives to hunt down the slightest infringement so they can do so. There's a woman who's coverage is denied because she had a yeast infection... are they serious?! This is legal?

I think that Moore overstates the wonderfulness of the universal health care that other countries receive. But I believe that they are much closer to a real solution then America is. It really shows something, that we are the only country in Western Civilization that doesn't have some kind of universal health care. We're not going to turn into a communist country, just because we have social medicine!

I myself have no health insurance, because I haven't been injured or seriously sick for my entire life, and can't really afford the extra $300 or more a month, for a "just in case". But it's also something that terrifies me, because if I was to get injured or sick, I know it could ruin my family's life. After seeing this film, I plan on looking into getting some, because I'd hate to come up with some preexisting condition, that excuses my insurance company from paying for any treatment. I think it's an absolutely ridiculous situation, that if I was born with some kind of disease, that I would never get an insurance company to get to pay for those bills. What's the point?

It's also a scary thought, that when I get older and if I get cancer or some other serious disease, that even with insurance the bills will be so expensive that it could destroy everything that I worked my entire life towards. That was one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Sicko, when the older couple is forced to move in with their daughter because their medical bills have bankrupt them, here's a couple that has worked their entire lives, done their part of the "American Life" and they get it all taken away because they had the misfortune of getting sick. That terrifies me.

Something needs to change. No citizen of the richest country in the world, should go without medical care. More people are homeless because of medical bills than any other reason, so don't go thinking that they're being a bunch of "free-loaders", there would be a lot less of them if the health care system hadn't put them there. And Those of us that aren't millionaires shouldn't live in terror of our medical bills.

Sadly, I don't think anything will ever happen. The political system is far too corrupt. Thanks to political contributions, our politicians serve the corporations, not the American citizen. They will never change a system that turns over billions in profit.

Really, I'm just waiting out the days until the entire system collapses. Our future has been mortgaged away from us and future generations. Something, everything, needs to change drastically and in the immediate future or the U.S.A. won't be on top for much longer. And I just don't see that happening. The rich are all too happy to take and take, while the rest of the world suffers.

(Sorry to go off on a rant like this in an entertainment based blog, but once I get started it's hard to stop.)

Watch this video below and see just how much trouble we're really in.

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