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P.T. Anderson is one of my favorite directors working today; Boogie Nights will forever be near the top of my list of favorite films; Magnolia and Hard Eight aren't on the same level, but both are highly interesting, with some top-notch filmmaking. I think people were disappointed in Punch-Drunk Love either because (A) it wasn't a typical, stupid Adam Sandler comedy or (B) it wasn't an epic multi-character piece by P.T.

Now I love Adam Sandler's Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore and have some affection for his other films. But I thought it was wonderful to see him break out of the one-dimensional silliness and show some acting range. Barry Egan is his most interesting character to date, he's highly strange and on a first impression you may just be left wondering why. But with more viewings you can begin to understand a little better why he's so screwed up. Emily Watson's Lena is equally as weird, but in a different way. Their love happens quickly, but genuinely. It's nice to see that P.T. can make such a different film, breaking out of his Robert Altman-ish type role.

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