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13. Friday the 13th - Here's one of my examples where just the poster of the film scared me. This one hung in my neighbor's house and I just had to know what happened at that summer camp! Why was that knife so bloody?! The neighbor kids told me about some of the death scenes in the film, which made me want to see it all that much more.

When I finally saw the film, it didn't disappoint in the least. The stalker POV was really effective on me as a kid, I loved the whole Friday the 13th series, a lot of it had to do simply with that POV. The classic musical stinger "Ch, ch, ch, ha, ha, ha..." would run chills up my spine no matter how many times I'd seen whichever version I was watching. I still love this series. The original is far and away the best and still holds up well. The rest are mostly fun for the 80's filmmaking and all the inventive ways they come up with how to kill the camp counselors.

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